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Alec and I were recently asked what our favourite healing book was by Rev James Bull.  He then published a list on his blog, The Highway Hermit and it includes such classics as Culpeper’s Complete Herbal and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  There are also magic, Reiki, Flower Remedy and Psychic Development books.

If you are looking for a new book which could help you on your spiritual journey, this is a good place to start.

And our favourite healing book?  Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art by Diane Stein.



Scientists in Sydney, Australia have proved that a sixth sense does exist between couples, particularly if they are in love.

Dr Trisha Stratford is a specialist on how the brain operates.  She has worked for five years on finding out how couples communicate in non-physical ways.

‘This study gives us a deeper understanding of what happens when people interact, including when a couple falls in love,’ she said today.

Now that scientists have proved that couples in love can communicate telepathically, perhaps they will start to realise what the spiritual community know already, namely that we can use that sixth sense to communicate with spirit too. 

Read more on the Daily Mail website: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1315326/Sixth-sense-really-does-exist-Research-shows-brains-couples-love-work-together.html#ixzz10dUKsljy


I came across Pamela Miles’s Reiki Healing Blog today and found that it is full of down-to-earth wisdom.  For example, she reminds us how important a daily self-treatment is to our health.  As she says, “otherwise we walk around like a sick fool who carries her medicine instead of taking it.”  Which is a very apt way of looking at this simple practise of keeping well.

In “A Dog’s (Reiki) Life” she talks about how Dona M. Duke, a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher in Michigan, helped to give Reiki to some rescued whippets that had been kept in small cages for most of their lives. One nervous dog came up to her and put his head on her shoulder as she gently put Reiki into his shoulders.  Another, pregnant, whippet gave birth to six healthy puppies just an hour after her treatment.

This blog is highly recommended to everyone who has an interest in Reiki.


The Llewellyn’s Encyclopaedia, http://www.llewellyn.com/encyclopedia/index.php, is a useful website with lots of basic information on all kinds of spiritual subjects, such as Tarot, astrology, Wicca and self-help. When you click on a link you are taken to a list of articles which may (or may not!) be relevant to the word you clicked on. For example, clicking on “Celtic Cross” gives a list of articles on diverse subjects such as reviews on certain Tarot packs, to “The Future of Druidism”. This site is also useful to find out the meaning of obscure words such as aisling, (an Irish word meaning a dream or vision). The Encyclopaedia certainly isn’t complete but it can be an easy way to learn a little bit about a new subject.

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