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I was asked to link to www.adelioux.com and www.sacred-space.nl today by their webmaster, Charles.

www.adelioux.com has lots of interesting information about chakras, crystals and meditation.  It is particularly good for people who are just starting on their spiritual path but there is plenty to learn for those of us who are further along the path.  For example, I didn’t know that rose quartz was good for helping to prevent wrinkles.  I’ll have to get my rose quartz out and see what happens!

There is a page dedicated to ‘spirit lessons’ which are encouraging words which are likely to be a great help to those who are feeling unhappy but are inspiring to everyone.  There are also many affirmations on subjects such as health, career and abundance, so there is something for everyone.

www.sacred-space.nl has daily horoscopes so you can check what is in store for you today.  There are many inspirational poems and the mantra page has a large number of mantras such as ‘ohm mani padme hum’ together with the translations so that you know what you are chanting for.

Both are fascinating websites with plenty of information to keep you amused for ages.  Thank you, Charles for drawing my attention to them.

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