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www.moonslipper.com is a fascinating website on the paranormal.

You can find some great ghost photos http://www.moonslipper.com/ghostphotographs.html, some of which I have seen many times before, but there are also loads that are new to me, including one of a small child hiding behind a group of teenagers and a ghost on a park bench. 

You can also find information on fairies and elementals, chinese astrology, dowsing, moon magic and halloween, etc.

I love hearing your opinions on ghost photos.  Do you think any of these are faked are all they all real?

I hope you enjoy this website.


The Llewellyn’s Encyclopaedia, http://www.llewellyn.com/encyclopedia/index.php, is a useful website with lots of basic information on all kinds of spiritual subjects, such as Tarot, astrology, Wicca and self-help. When you click on a link you are taken to a list of articles which may (or may not!) be relevant to the word you clicked on. For example, clicking on “Celtic Cross” gives a list of articles on diverse subjects such as reviews on certain Tarot packs, to “The Future of Druidism”. This site is also useful to find out the meaning of obscure words such as aisling, (an Irish word meaning a dream or vision). The Encyclopaedia certainly isn’t complete but it can be an easy way to learn a little bit about a new subject.

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