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An article in the Daily Mail today reported that Professor Daryl Bem, a physicist, pyschologist and magician has tested over 1000 students to see if they have any psychic abilities.  After nine different tests, which were published in a report in New Scientist magazine, Bem concluded that the possibility against the combined results being down to chance or a statistical fluke is 74 billion to one.

A well-known sceptic, Joachim Krueger, also a psychologist, has concluded that the experiements have been well researched and designed, therefore Bern can’t be attacked on that score.

Congratulations to Professor Bem for proving what we already knew.  With any luck, the scientific community will now start to take us seriously:)



Scientists in Sydney, Australia have proved that a sixth sense does exist between couples, particularly if they are in love.

Dr Trisha Stratford is a specialist on how the brain operates.  She has worked for five years on finding out how couples communicate in non-physical ways.

‘This study gives us a deeper understanding of what happens when people interact, including when a couple falls in love,’ she said today.

Now that scientists have proved that couples in love can communicate telepathically, perhaps they will start to realise what the spiritual community know already, namely that we can use that sixth sense to communicate with spirit too. 

Read more on the Daily Mail website: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1315326/Sixth-sense-really-does-exist-Research-shows-brains-couples-love-work-together.html#ixzz10dUKsljy


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