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Waterfall Orb

Waterfall Orb

This beautiful photo was sent to me by Annie Fisher. It was taken at the natural arch and most of the orbs are actually water droplets. The scenery is amazing and it looks like a very spiritual place.

I feel that the most prominent orb, which covers Annie’s face, is her spirit guide. He is with her always and is very protective towards Annie. I feel that he wishes to contact her through meditation. He is very tall and dark and he shows me a pair of glasses (spectacles) for some reason.

Thank you, Annie for allowing me to publish your photo.


Begin by setting aside an area which you can dedicate to the gnomes and other earth elementals.  It can be a small table, a shelf or an area of your garden, even a window box.  You can cover the area with a brown, green, black, purple, gold or white cloth and then place objects that remind you of gnomes upon it.  You could use ornaments or pictures of garden gnomes, bulls, owls, moles, badgers or rabbits and crystals such as quartz, rocks, salt or coal.  You can use anything that reminds you of the earth and earth elementals.

Place two candles (in one of colours suggested for the cloth) either side of a pentacle and a bowl containing some earth from the garden.  You can burn some incense or essential oils such as violet or narcissus. Close your eyes and listen to your breath.  Relax and breathe slowly, breathe in…and out.  You are now ready to meet the gnomes.


You are in a wood on a warm, sunny day in early summer.  There is a gentle breeze and you can hear birds singing in the trees.  You can see a large oak tree in front of you that has a big, wooden door in its trunk.  You open the door and go down the long flight of stairs.  At the bottom, there is a large, underground room full of gnomes who are busy going about their business.  You can see carpenters constructing chairs and tables, blacksmiths making pokers and cutlery, weavers creating rugs and cloth for clothes, women knitting and sewing: there are all manner of crafts being undertaken by these industrious gnomes.

You are taken to meet some of these craftspeople and you learn a little about a craft that interests you.  You are shown that it is always possible to break down any task into small steps so that you can achieve anything that you want to. 

When you are ready, you go back up the stairs and out into the wood.  You can feel cold earth and grass beneath your bare feet.  It feels good and this gives you strength.  You also feel solid, dependable and grounded and very close to the nature that surrounds you.

As you leave this wood you take away these feelings and also realise what friendly, down-to-earth elementals gnomes are.  You can use these energies in your own life whenever you feel overwhelmed and unable to make friends.

Ghob’s Reiki

If you are interested in connecting with the earth elementals, you may like to be attuned to our Ghob’s Reiki.  Ghob is the king of the gnomes, who are the most prevalent of the earth elementals.  Please go to http://greywolfpublications.com/ReikiAttunements.aspx to find out more.

I was asked to link to www.adelioux.com and www.sacred-space.nl today by their webmaster, Charles.

www.adelioux.com has lots of interesting information about chakras, crystals and meditation.  It is particularly good for people who are just starting on their spiritual path but there is plenty to learn for those of us who are further along the path.  For example, I didn’t know that rose quartz was good for helping to prevent wrinkles.  I’ll have to get my rose quartz out and see what happens!

There is a page dedicated to ‘spirit lessons’ which are encouraging words which are likely to be a great help to those who are feeling unhappy but are inspiring to everyone.  There are also many affirmations on subjects such as health, career and abundance, so there is something for everyone.

www.sacred-space.nl has daily horoscopes so you can check what is in store for you today.  There are many inspirational poems and the mantra page has a large number of mantras such as ‘ohm mani padme hum’ together with the translations so that you know what you are chanting for.

Both are fascinating websites with plenty of information to keep you amused for ages.  Thank you, Charles for drawing my attention to them.

I’ve just come across this great new blog, Hidden Lighthouse, written by Vicky A Anderson.  There are a huge amount of articles including ones on 2012, the Age of Aquarius, Ascended Masters, the Pyramids of Giza and many more.  She updates the blog twice a week so there is always something new to read.  There is also a free copy of Vicky’s ebook, The Awakening: A Conscious Shift to a Higher Realm, available to download.

If you are interested in spiritual subjects, Eastern religion and Cosmic Laws http://hiddenlighthouse.wordpress.com/ is well worth a visit.

Start by finding an area in your home which you can dedicate to the fire fairies, perhaps a shelf, small table or the top of a chest of drawers.

Cover the area with a red, gold, orange or white cloth.

You can dot a few crystals such as amber, citrine, jasper, fire opal, iron ore, pyrite, or ruby.  Any stone which is red, orange or white in colour will do.  You can add something made of copper or gold, such as jewellery or a copper plate, on your cloth.

Other items you can use include figurines or pictures of fire, dragons, salamanders, or the phoenix.  Animals associated with the fire fairies include the lion, ladybirds, bees, foxes and hawks, so you can add an ornament or photo of one of these beautiful creatures.  You can use anything that reminds you of fire.  It’s your space, use whatever you please.

Place two red or orange candles either side of a chalice (a wine glass is fine – just keep it specially for the fairies) filled with spring water.  Light the candles and some incense, (a scent that includes ginger or sweet peas would be great).  If you have a cauldron, iron pot or something similar, you may light some charcoal in the bottom and burn some herbs on top instead of using incense.  (Please make sure that the charcoal has finished burning before trying to move the pot and don’t leave it unattended.)

Close your eyes and listen to your breath.  Then use one of the meditations below.

Meditation To Remove Negativity

Visualise Djinn placing two small fires into your crown chakra. They both gently fall through your body, until one lands in your left foot chakra and the other lands in your right foot chakra. These fires gradually increase in size until they become one and completely surround your entire body and aura. You can feel the heat gently
burning away any negativity you have got stored up and you can see that negativity being replaced with orange, positive flames which fill you with warmth and joy. You feel completely cleansed and released from all your worries.  If you feel uncomfortable visualising orange flames, use St Germain’s violet flames instead.  When you feel ready, open your eyes and come back to the room.

Meditation To Increase Creativity

Start by using the meditation to remove negativity above.  Then visualise yourself in the Sahara desert. The sun is baking down on you and you can feel hot sand beneath your bare feet. The light is very bright and you can see lizards running over the sand dunes. You feel yourself opening up to creative ideas.  Also, you find that solutions to your problems come easily to you now. You resolve to remember these ideas and solutions once the meditation has ended.

You now see yourself sitting in a comfy armchair in front of a roaring fire. There are Christmas decorations all round you and there is a feeling of expectation. The warmth of the fire relaxes you and surrounds you in comfort and joy. You can see fireworks exploding in the distance which fill the air with a feeling of celebration.
There is snow falling outside which adds a sense of security and happiness.

You can now ease yourself out of this comforting scene and bring back the feelings of relaxation, joy and security with you. Don’t forget to write down any creative ideas and solutions that may have come to you earlier.

If you are interested in connecting with the fire fairies, you may like to be attuned to our Djinn’s Reiki.  Djinn is the king of the salamanders, who are the most prevalent of the fire fairies.  Please go to http://greywolfpublications.com/ReikiAttunements.aspx to find out more.

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