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Waterfall Orb

Waterfall Orb

This beautiful photo was sent to me by Annie Fisher. It was taken at the natural arch and most of the orbs are actually water droplets. The scenery is amazing and it looks like a very spiritual place.

I feel that the most prominent orb, which covers Annie’s face, is her spirit guide. He is with her always and is very protective towards Annie. I feel that he wishes to contact her through meditation. He is very tall and dark and he shows me a pair of glasses (spectacles) for some reason.

Thank you, Annie for allowing me to publish your photo.


Castrol have done a survey to find the top ten haunted roads in Britain.  They include roads that are haunted by Roman soldiers, hitchhikers, miners pulling coal wagons, even a car taking a bend too fast and overturning.  One road has had 1,000 reported sightings in just two years, that’s around 1.5 a day.

In West Sussex, we have a ghostly young blonde girl who appears by  A23 at Pyecombe.  She limps along the middle of the road wearing a pale raincoat and then disappears.

To find the complete top ten, go to http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/208094/Take-a-Halloween-drive-on-the-most-haunted-roads-in-the-UK.

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www.moonslipper.com is a fascinating website on the paranormal.

You can find some great ghost photos http://www.moonslipper.com/ghostphotographs.html, some of which I have seen many times before, but there are also loads that are new to me, including one of a small child hiding behind a group of teenagers and a ghost on a park bench. 

You can also find information on fairies and elementals, chinese astrology, dowsing, moon magic and halloween, etc.

I love hearing your opinions on ghost photos.  Do you think any of these are faked are all they all real?

I hope you enjoy this website.

Early in October, Mrs Sue Tomlinson went on Bill Spectre’s Ghost Tour in Oxford.  She took a photo of a lamppost in New College Lane

She was surprised to discover a dark shadow which appears to be a woman in historical dress carrying a bag or basket.

“When I first saw it I thought it looked strange and wanted to get home and put it on the computer so I could see it bigger.”  Mrs Tomlinson said.

Ironically, she claims that she doesn’t believe in ghosts and that if someone else had taken the photo she would have believed that “someone had fixed it.”

Bill ‘Spectre’ Ritchie said: “Interestingly, it was on that same lane, New College Lane, that a couple of years ago a Russian girl sent a similar slightly blurry photo.

“An Australian woman who claimed to be sensitive to the spirit world was on the ghost trail not long ago, and claimed that New College Lane was the most haunted place she had ever been.

“Another local woman said that at 2am last Christmas morning, she was walking along Holywell Street, which runs parallel to New College Lane, when she heard the sound of horses hooves echoing along the silent streets of New College Lane.

“You can imagine her reaction when I told her the lane was indeed haunted by the ghosts of Royalist Cavalrymen who would assemble there before battle.”

To see the photo, please go to http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/8427740.Tourist_captures_spooky_image_on_camera/.

Do you think that it is a ghost?

Journey to Awaken is a blog by Linda Lubin, a life coach and Reiki Master from USA.    There are posts on many different subjects including enlightenment, spiritual growth and orb photos.

Check http://lindalubin.blogspot.com/2010/08/few-more-orb-photos.html and http://lindalubin.blogspot.com/2010_07_01_archive.html to see lots of night-time orbs.  Some of the photos look light a sky full of stars. 

I’d love to know if you enjoy this website.

Marc and Carron Brow couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the image of their beloved pet dog, Looby Lou, engrained in a rock in their garden in Ilkley, Yorkshire.

Looby Lou, a springer spaniel, died two years ago and she loved to sit in the garden where the rock now is.  Her doppelgänger seems to have been created out of moss that is growing on the stone. 

If you would like to see the photo, please go to:


An article on the Daily Mail website, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1310763/Wymering-Manor-Britains-haunted-manor-house-auction.html, claims that Wymering Manor in Portsmouth, Hampshire, is the most haunted manor house in Britain.

If you would like to own a haunted house you can buy it for £375,000, (plus around £150,000 to resort it to the beautiful home that it once was)  you can buy a Grade II* listed building which was mentioned in the 1086 Doomsday Book.  The existing building dates back to around the 16th century.  It has been Edward the Confessor’s home, a monastery and a vicarage so there is certainly plenty of history attached to it.

Wymering Manor has been investigated by many different paranormal groups and it is claimed that it is haunted by between 20 and 30 ghosts, including laughing children.

The building is currently empty and, because so many people keep trying to get in to check out the ghosts, it is patrolled by security men 24 hours a day.  They refuse to work on their own at night as the place is so creepy.

There is a video at the end of the article.  Not much happens, a woman sees a figure towards the end but, unfortunately, it wasn’t caught on camera.

I would love to hear if any of you have had experiences in Wymering Manor.  Please leave a comment if you have.

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