Pushing Aside The Veil

About Me

I am a multiple Reiki Master and, together with my husband, Alec Summers, I founded Elemental Kings’ Reiki which includes Nixsa’s Reiki, Dhinn’s Reiki, Ghob’s Reiki and Paralda’s Reiki. Alec has also founded Tulip Passion Reiki, Oneness Reiki and Datum Reiki.

You can purchase any of our attunements, plus many more attunements and empowerments from our website, www.thehealersemporium.com. We both like to take paranormal photos and there are lots of them on this blog.

My husband, Alec Summers and I co-authored the book, “Orb and Ghost Photos” which is available as in printed or electronic format from http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=933004.


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