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Angel Orb

Posted on: May 17, 2011

Sarah sent me this beautiful, blue angel orb which is hovering over Imogen. 

If you enlarge it, you can see a vague figure with legs, arms and a head, which we believe is an angel.  This orb is a beautiful colour and blue is associated with angel orbs.

Sarah's Angel Orb (Enlarged)

Imogen has another orb at her feet.  She is obviously a blessed child, surrounded with guardian angels and spirit guides.

Sarah told me, “Imogen in fact is very blessed. she recently told me about her ‘special brain’ right between her eyes that if you close your eyes and think can tell you answers…granted its apparently answers to stuff like 2+2…but wow! She is a very loving little girl and I am so pleased that she has angels all around her!”

Thank you, Sarah, for allowing us to use your wonderful photo.


9 Responses to "Angel Orb"

Hello I hope you find this email in the best of health. I am writing to you on behalf of Dr Kelli- The Angel Whisperer. She is currently working on a book that discusses the phenomenon of various shaped orbs found in pictures. Is it possible to use the two pictures found on this page in her book? She wil mak sure that each picture used from your website is properly referenced.
Waiting for your reply.
Warm regards
Rosheena Siddiqi

Hi Rosheena

Thank you for your message. The Angel Orb photos don’t belong to me so I’m afraid that I can’t give permission for Dr Kelli to use it. I will contact the owner of the photos and let you know what she decides.

Good luck with the book.

Many blessings
Debbie Summers

HI Debbie/Rosheena
I would hapily give permission for these photos to be published for a signed copy of the book for Imogen. Let me know if you are still interested.
sarah Cooper

I would happily allow you to publish these photos in exchange for a signed copy of the book for Imogen. Please let me know if you are still interested. Thankyou sarah Cooper

Hi There
I changed my email address I would be more than happy to allow these pictures to be used. In exchange for a copy of the book. please get in touch if still interested. I have photographed many more since. altough none as beautiful as this one
Sarah Cooper

Hi there
I would happily give you permission to publish these photos in exchange for a free signed copy of your book for Imogen. Let me know if you are still interested. Thankyou Sarah Cooper

Hi Sarah

Thanks for your reply. I’ve passed on your details to Rosheena so she can contact you direct.

Many blessings

Thankyou Debbie
did you give her my address I registered to comment on blog? My google one is now closed. 🙂

Hi Sarah,

Yes, I did so, hopefully, she’ll be in contact with you soon.

Many blessings

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