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This post is a bit of a departure from what I usually write about but I couldn’t resist such a heartwarming story.

Brian Chambers, Chris Berry and Aaron Shaw are US Marines stationed in Afganistan.  They have befriended several kittens and are now working with Noward Dogs animal rescue and several cat lovers to send these beautiful animals home to the safety of their families back in America.

If you go to http://www.uniquescoop.com/2010/06/kitties-rescued-by-us-marine-soldiers.html you can see the complete article and lots of adorable photos of the kitties with their rescuers.

Thank you to Gail for publishing this information on the Messengers of Spirit group.


AnnMarie Murphy sent me these photos of her friend, Bonita, which have a couple of huge orbs in them.  They are quite faint but both seem to be attached to Bonita.  Perhaps they are one of her spirit guides.

The next photo is completely different.  There is a tiny, brightly coloured orb to the right of Bonita’s head.

When we blew it up, we found a woman, a dog and a bear inside it, as you can see in the close up below.

Thank you to both AnnMarie and Bonita for these unusual photos.


Michael Markuson sent us these lovely orb photos.  Some were taken at a double bat Mitsvah, it’s amazing how often you get orbs at celebrations.  We believe that they are family members who have passed who don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

This particular orb is very faint but it is so large that I had to include it.  It completely covers the man’s tummy.  You don’t often get orbs this big.

This photo has lots of faint orbs and there is a brighter, travelling orb in the bottom right hand corner.

This photo has a lovely, big, bright orb just right of centre at the top.  It has a flower of life pattern inside of it (see enlargement below).

This photo shows lots of orbs.  One, the bright, rectangular one on the right, is possibly an insect.

This last photo is of two men having what looks like an intense conversation.  There is a small orb between their heads.

Thank you, Michael, for allowing me to publish your orb photos here.

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think of these photos

I’ve just come across this great Tarot blog by Beth Owl’s Daughter.  It’s full of articles on the Tarot including history, details on individual cards and a tarot card of the week, together with a few spells and a bit of astrology thrown in for luck.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert on the Tarot, you are likely to find something of interest on this blog.


AnnMarie Murphy sent us a couple of great photos she took in the Mayan ruins at Chacchoben in Costa Maya, Mexico.  They were taken with a new camera that should filter out ‘noise’, ie things that most people don’t want in their photos, such as orbs.  The orbs that did show up are mostly large and golden in colour.

The following photo was taken at some unearthed sections of the ruins.

Mayan photos

If you look closely at the close up of the top orb shown below, you may be able to see a face inside it.

close up

This close up of the brightest orb shows a man wearing a headdress.

elder close up

The second photo was taken on some steps that lead up to the high priests temple, Gran Basamento, which is the main temple on the site.

IMG_1472 Orb on Stairway up to the Gran Basamento-1 (2)

Thank you, AnnMarie, for sharing these beautiful orbs with us and for giving us an opportunity to see these fantastic ruins.

I’ve never seen underwater orbs before, in fact, it never occurred to me that orbs could be taken underwater so we were surprised and very lucky to receive these wonderful photos from AnnMarie Murphy.  At first, I wondered if they might be water droplets causing the orbs but AnnMarie has taken photos underwater before without getting any phenomena and she felt the energy around her at the time so there must have been something special going.

There are a lot of photos but I’ve decided to use all of them, even though some are a bit hard to see.

P4060124 (2) P4060125 (2) P4060126 (2) P4060127 (2) P4060128 (2) P4060129 (2) P4060131 (2) P4060131 (2) P4060132 (2) P4060133 (2) P4060134 (2) P4060135 (2) P4060136 (2) P4060137 (2) P4060138 (2) P4060139 (2)

Thank you, AnnMarie for these fantastic photos.

The Llewellyn’s Encyclopaedia, http://www.llewellyn.com/encyclopedia/index.php, is a useful website with lots of basic information on all kinds of spiritual subjects, such as Tarot, astrology, Wicca and self-help. When you click on a link you are taken to a list of articles which may (or may not!) be relevant to the word you clicked on. For example, clicking on “Celtic Cross” gives a list of articles on diverse subjects such as reviews on certain Tarot packs, to “The Future of Druidism”. This site is also useful to find out the meaning of obscure words such as aisling, (an Irish word meaning a dream or vision). The Encyclopaedia certainly isn’t complete but it can be an easy way to learn a little bit about a new subject.

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